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-3&4-axis milling of numerous materials including hard milling. Complex 3-D geometries achieved, powered by latest Autodesk and Mastercam platforms.

Wire EDM


-Electric Discharge Machining via brass wire electrode. Capable of machining any electrically conductive material regardless of hardness. Cuts along a given contour which can produce taper and transition from parallel profiles on the top of the work piece to another at the bottom of the work. Capable of holding very tight tolerances and produces high surface smoothness.


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-Turning of small to medium sized parts of moderate quantity. CNC and manual machines available.



-Also known as sinker EDM, this style of machine uses a negative of the desired feature and orbits into the work piece slowly burning away material. Similar to wire EDM, any conductive material of any hardness can be machined as well as produce a high surface finish if needed. Ram EDM can produce geometries impossible by any other machining method. Another type of EDM we have in shop is called a hole popper. Somewhat of a split between wire and sinker styles, it is specifically used for hole-making in hardened materials or when drilling is not practical.



-By leveraging the power of multiple platforms, HP is able to not only optimize machining approaches but use these softwares to reverse engineer and re-design customer supplied parts and assemblies. The software is also very helpful in the design of compound and multi-station die sets.

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